Renovate Your Home with Flooring Store Richmond

Renovate Your Home with Flooring Store Richmond

Are you a Richmond resident considering renovating your home with a flooring store Richmond? If you’re looking for a tile shop in Richmond, you’ve come to the right place. But you’re perplexed since you receive a list of hundreds of stores when you search for a tile store near me? Continue reading to learn more about the best flooring store in Richmond.

Westcoast floors is the best tile shop in Richmond. Westcoast Floors & Floors Ltd is a company that specialises in high-end laminate, hardwood, and engineered hardwood floors. The flooring store Richmond specialises in providing you with top-of-the-line flooring at some of the most competitive pricing available. They feature a large selection of laminate, engineered hardwood, flooring, accessories, and vinyl plank in their assortment.

About the Westcoast Floors

We’re all driven by the same goal at Westcoast floors: to improve people’s quality of life. As a company, this entails establishing a welcoming, enjoyable, and empowering work environment and giving back to our community. As a team, it means designing and enriching your space and providing you with the greatest possible experience, including an exceptional product selection, knowledge, skill, and service that you won’t find anywhere else in Richmond!

How do Westcoast floors help in making your house look extravagant yet elegant?

We offer the best vinyl plank flooring Richmond has to offer. Plank vinyl flooring, often known as a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl floor (LVF), is simply vinyl flooring that comes in long, narrow strips instead of square tile shapes. Our Luxury Vinyl plank is not only elegant and best but also Waterproof. Waterproof Vinyl plank flooring in Richmond is rarely as expensive as natural wood flooring, often five to ten times more costly than vinyl planks. Materials typically cost between $2.50 and $5 per square foot. Professional installation can cost $1 to $3 per square foot, but this is one of the more straightforward flooring materials to install yourself compared to plastic laminate flooring planks.

This is one of the less complicated floors to keep clean. Simple daily sweeping and weekly damp mopping with a mild detergent and mop or with cleaning pads are recommended. These flooring, on the other hand, should never be steam cleaned.
The primary flooring manufacturers provide vinyl plank flooring in hundreds of colours and designs. It is considered superior to sheet vinyl and laminate flooring by interior designers and real estate specialists, although it is still far less prestigious than solid hardwood or porcelain tile.

Most of our luxury vinyl planks attempt to imitate hardwood flooring, and they succeed admirably. Vinyl planks can appear quite similar to natural wood at first glance, which is a better illusion than laminate flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is designed to seem like ceramics or genuine stone, and it succeeds admirably.

We provide a wide range of laminate flooring colours from which you can select the one that best suits your preferences.

Take a look at some of the popular laminate flooring colours from Westcoast Floors to pick the right one for you :

  • Barn Oak :laminate flooring is the right colour to create a cosy room when paired with light and dark décor and some pops of colour in soft goods.
  • Canyon Oak : It brightens any environment and, with its veining and colour variety from plank to plank, simulates the features of natural oak. Canyon Oak creates a cool, neutral foundation that allows endless design possibilities.
  • Odessa Grey : The hand-scraped aesthetics of Odessa Grey merge with an ombré effect that moves from white to charcoal to highlight the wood grain patterns in each board. The wide variety of shading in Odessa Grey allows you to mix and match bright and dark décor to create a classy and contemporary look.
  • Cement Grey : Cement Grey is a 6.7-inch wide plank with a deep hue and low-gloss finish, perfect for a large workspace with modern furniture and décor. Provide a plant or two to add a biophilic touch and a splash of colour to the space.
  • Taupe : Ultra Taupe’s clean, neutral colouring has a tinge of grey, making it ideal for brightening and opening up living and working spaces.
  • Savannah Cherry : Savannah Cherry is a popular laminate flooring colour that is not only economical but also stylish. The luxurious look of a rich honey-brown combined with a warm, darker brown is appealing and comfortable.
  • Refined Brass: It features an embossed surface that mimics the appearance and feel of real hardwood. Each plank has “cut marks,” wood knots, and graining like solid hardwood.
  • Warm Sand : The polar opposite of Sand Grey, Warm Sand is precisely that – warm and inviting. The earthy colours, low texture, and low gloss finish are great for a distraction-free, peaceful environment.
  • Papua Ebony : Exotic hardwoods and dark colours, like ebony, combine to create creative, one-of-a-kind environments. The rich black colour, subtle embossing, low-gloss finish, and hand scraping give Papua Ebony a sophisticated look.
  • Bridge Wood : Feel the unrivalled realism by running your fingers over the grooves, knots, and wood grain in Bridge Wood. This traditional wood-look laminate’s embossed-in-register gloss and dark colour variation complement light-coloured finishes and furnishings.
  • Ultra Grey : Ultra Grey gives any room a contemporary feel. The smooth texturing, combined with the minor grey variances, creates a visual harmony, making space planning simple.
  • Acacia : This exquisite laminate flooring hue comprises blonde, honey, and dark brown drizzles. Ambleside Acacia’s wide range of colour variation allows it to be used in various settings, from rustic to contemporary to traditional.

If you want to know more about us, then please contact us at the following address:

#11938 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, British Columbia V6X1T2


604 330 6480


 [email protected]

Business Hours:

Mon to Sat: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Shipping and receiving closed 30 minutes before closing time.


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